Internet Safety

Parenting has always been a challenge. But the advent of technology has made it even more confusing. Today’s parents might know where their children are — but not what they are doing.

I empower parents to help their children stay safe online. As a therapist with an expertise in parenting and technology, I give you an understanding of how current trends in technology and social networking impact your children’s lives. Then I support that knowledge with the skills needed to set clear and consistent boundaries with your children. With these tools, you’ll more thoroughly enjoy the time you spend parenting — and watch your children thrive.

With the incessant pull of technology, it’s easy for your kids to fall into excessive and unsupervised computer use. Over time,  this can result in serious consequences. Not only does it take away from family time and cause power struggles,  it can also lead to attention deficit disorder, obesity, and vulnerability to predators.

Sandra Bryson
Parent Mindfully
Sandra Bryson, MFT conducts workshops and speaks to parents, educators and therapists around the world about helping children grow up healthy in the age of online technology.
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