About Sandra Bryson, MFT

As an expert in parenting and technology, I speak to parents, educators and therapists about helping children grow up healthy in the age of online technology.  My 31 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist working with parents on limit setting and communication and my expertise in technology put me in a unique position to advise both parents and professionals.

It is my belief that we as professionals and/or parents have a responsibility to raise children who are “Good Digital Citizens.”  Which means we need to know the “rules of the road” for appropriate behavior on the internet, just as we would in other aspects of their lives, and teach these rules to them.  For instance, making sure that kids know not to say anything to anyone on the internet that they wouldn’t say face to face.  Or insuring that they don’t give their passwords out to friends.  There are no set rules of etiquette on the internet so it’s up to us to teach kids how to behave in self-protective and considerate ways.

I help parents understand guidelines about appropriate screen time, empower them to help keep their children safe on the internet and distill the plethora of information available to make it accessible, understandable and useful.

Recently I was featured in this New York Times Magazine article.


Contact me at: 510-653-6353 or sandra@parentmindfully.com to set up an initial appointment.






Services I Offer

  • individual, couple and family psychotherapy
  • consultation, online and in person, for
    therapists, health professionals and
    parenting organizations
  • parenting groups
  • parenting book groups for mothers
  • mindfulness meditation instruction

Please visit SandraBryson.com for more information or call 510-653-6353 to set up an appointment.