Learning to Set Limits

Many modern parents don’t want to upset their children by setting strong limits. But for the safety of your children,  creating boundaries around computer use is a battle worth fighting. Learning to set clear and consistent boundaries will make your home more peaceful and keep your children safer.

I’ll show you how to be balanced and consistent when it comes to computer time using some of these techniques:

Do you need help:

  • Learning about technology so you can take a strong stand?
  • Confining computer access to a certain room in the house?
  • Understanding how to gain access to your children’s chat rooms, email accounts, and Facebook pages?
  • Setting age limits for specific technologies?

Services I Offer

  • individual, couple and family psychotherapy
  • consultation, online and in person, for
    therapists, health professionals and
    parenting organizations
  • parenting groups
  • parenting book groups for mothers
  • mindfulness meditation instruction

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