Mindfulness & Parenting

Mindfulness, paying attention to the present moment with awareness, can seem elusive to busy parents. But it’s worth exploring: mindfulness can totally transform your parenting experience. As a mindful parent, you become more present with yourself and your children. When this happens, you become a less reactive and more loving parent.

Mindfulness can bring awareness to your experience as a parent:

  • Learn how your own use of technology keeps you from being present with your children.
  • Discover specific mindfulness techniques like breathing and meditation that keep you calm and centered.
  • Explore how taking care of yourself allows you to take better care of your kids.
  • Develop a consciousness around relating to your children in a more loving and thoughtful way.
  • Learn the tools to become a more thoughtful and present parent.

Services I Offer

  • individual, couple and family psychotherapy
  • consultation, online and in person, for
    therapists, health professionals and
    parenting organizations
  • parenting groups
  • parenting book groups for mothers
  • mindfulness meditation instruction

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