• CommonSenseMedia – offers essential advice for parents on managing media by age
  • ConnectSafely – an organization the helps parents understand the positives as well as the negatives of social networking while striving to protect kids on the internet
  • ConnectSafely Forums – online discussions with a range of topics relating to internet safety
  • SafeKids – committed to a safer, friendlier internet experience, this is an excellent resource for parents of young children
  • SafeTeens – an off-shoot on SafeKids aimed at teenagers and parents of teens
  • WebWiseKids – offers lots of resources for parents including a Cyberbullying Prevention and Response kit
  • GetNetWise – created by non-profit Internet Education Foundation, this is a comprehensive collection of information relating to children’s internet safety and family computer security
  • EnoughIsEnough – an organization deeply committed to internet safety and protecting kids from pornography and sexual predators
  • ParentsConnect – Nickelodeon’s parenting website with tons of resources including many great articles on cyberbullying
  • Louis CK on Cell Phones – interview with Conan O’Brian with some deep truths about cell phone use
  • New Study out on Cell Phone Use – some alarming videos of kids under two and their devices
  • Psychology Today– Child Psychiatrist writes about studies which demonstrate that too much screen time can damage the brain.
  • Common Sense Media – Great article on up to the minute parental controls.

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